How to Donate Effectively After a Natural Disaster

With all the natural calamities all over the world, what can we really do as an individual to alleviate the effects of a disaster to families. When natural disasters of the recent hurricanes magnitude strike, they bring out the best impulses in many of us. We feel empathy for the victims and an urge to reach out and help them in any way we can. In this article, we want to share who you can maximize the chance of your donations and will have positive impact to those who are affected.

Give cash first, you time and effort second.

To be totally honest, giving cash donations if you can afford it – it’s the best but if you can’t, donate your time by volunteering in any productive way. Donate your time and labor towards specific activities that will help disaster victims.

Don’t give all at once.

It is advisable to stagger your donation over a lengthy period to accommodate the victims’ recovery period. Don’t give everything you wish to donate all at once as victims of a natural disaster take a long time to recover. For instance, New Orleans took ten years to recover from Hurricane Katrina. It indeed got media attention and world’s sympathy enough to get big donations but not enough to cover for years.

Avoid this by deciding how much money you want to donate and divide it to monthly installments that cover a lengthy time frame, say a year or more.

Avoid donating impulsively.

It’s agreeable that it’s a good deed to donate, but like everything, choose wisely. Do the due diligence and choose a charitable organization that will put your donation to good use. Donating impulsively to an unknown person or organization, in response to an ad or appeal on social media, may not be the best approach.

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