Hope House Activities

We currently offer a number of activities to people of all ages including:

  • Kids club for ages 4-10
  • Youth club with games and activities 11-16
  • Internet and computer suite
  • Personal development and mentoring
  • Life coaching
  • Supplementary education

Our Main Purpose

Is to provide the communities of Skelmersdale with following:

1. Kids and Youth Club

Click here for our timetable of activities.

  • Kids Club – Aged 4 -10: Games, activities, outings and prizes
  • Youth Club – Aged 11-16: Snooker, table tennis, basketball, Nintendo Wii etc
  • Older young people – Aged 17-24: Social interaction, games, DJ time etc

We took our team of children and young people to London for an Athletics Championship annual event and have come back with medals, as well as enjoying great day out at Barnet Copthal Stadium, London.

2. Volunteering

We have taken on some volunteers with the view to giving them opportunity to work in the relevant area of their studies. This will prepare them for the employment world.



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