Hope House Project started in July 1992 in Skelmersdale West Lancashire, England.

It was originally in response to a call by a well-intended, good-hearted family who saw the needs to get kids off the streets and having tried all they had in their power, felt they needed help in running a kids programme they were running in a part of the town for some years.

The job took off in one community centre and in two years soon got to 3 community centres.

We were so stretched that 4 years after we were in 6 community centres. We wanted to cover everywhere as kids were hurting without much being done for them. We therefore operated on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in 3 centres day after day and took another 3 community centre on the following week.

We offered a fortnightly kids programme which was Metro Ministries Kids style with games, activities, prizes, colourful flyers and visitation programme etc

With our limited resources of 2 main active unpaid volunteers, we then got involved in school work with fire and passion for kids.

The school work started after Pastor Tony visited Metro Ministries in New York in 1999 and found that they were reaching 20,000 + kids in a weekly programme and every single child was visited.

He came back fired up wanting to do more and the door to schools swung open till we were conducting school assemblies in 9 Primary schools. 2 of them have ceased to exist due to council funding etc and 2 other has merged leaving us with the 5 that we have now.

Our Ultimate vision is to reach all the primary school and High schools in the town.