What’s the best way to help a child?

Bringing joy to every child radiates exponentially to the lives of those who help them. It changes one’s life as much as it changes these kids’ lives.

The best way to help a child overcome poverty and injustice is to help his community become a better place to grow up in.

Aside from cash donations, you, too, can help provide children, families and communities access nutritious food, clean water, education, health care, livelihood opportunities and more by donating your unwanted items to us.  Your item donations will be sold to the Hope Charity Shop and the money raised will be used 100% for the children charities all over the world we are affiliated in.

As a sponsor, whether cash or item, you can be part of one child’s remarkable journey because what you are doing is giving children and families the hope to change their lives. Thank you so much!

2 thoughts on “What’s the best way to help a child?

  1. It is more efficient for you to go to the charity and donate , … I think charities should be upfront – if you are a religious charity you should let people know.

    1. Just or clarification, are you talking in general of charities or are you talking of Hope Charity Shop when you say ”If they are religious etc. Thanks you

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